Upcoming Microbiology Webinars: Learning Opportunities for All Healthcare Professionals

By the bioMérieux Connection Editors

As a part of bioMérieux’s continuing education programming, clinical microbiology leaders will present two webinars this fall, leveraging their diverse backgrounds, deep professional experience, and clinical knowledge. These webinars will provide learning opportunities for both experienced and new laboratory professionals, as well as other healthcare professionals interested in expanding their microbiology knowledge.

The A, B, C Mysteries: Cases from Microbiology

On October 26 at 1 PM EDT, in “The A, B, C Mysteries: Cases from Microbiology,” Dr. Joel Mortensen of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will highlight three fascinating case studies from his laboratory, featuring unexpected and challenging microorganisms. Dr. Mortensen will discuss how his laboratory identified and managed these cases to provide the best patient care possible. During this webinar, participants will have the opportunity to test their microbiology knowledge and submit their guesses for which microorganisms were the cause of the patients’ infections.

Blood Culture Boot Camp: Best Practices and Case Studies

Just one week later, on November 3 at 1 PM EDT, in “Blood Culture Boot Camp: Best Practices and Case Studies,” Dr. Carey-Ann Burnham of Barnes Jewish Hospital and Dr. Eric Ransom of University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center will review the basics of blood culture, including best practices and the technological advances of blood culture over the past decades. Then, they will delve into intriguing case studies, highlighting the importance and relevance of blood cultures in modern microbiology laboratories.

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The microbiology laboratory is an essential part of every healthcare system, and collaboration between the laboratory, clinicians, infection control, stewardship, nursing, and others is essential for ensuring optimal patient care. To learn more and register, click the links below for each webinar.  

The A, B, C Mysteries: Cases from Microbiology

Blood Culture Boot Camp: Best Practices and Case Studies

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