Contributor FAQ

    • What topics do you accept?

      We accept posts on any topic that is relevant to medical diagnostics, infectious diseases, microbiology, molecular biology, and antibiotic resistance.  This includes opinion pieces, review articles, book reviews, case studies, best practices, lessons-learned, patient stories, and posts about your clinical experiences. We also accept posts about food, product, and environmental safety in relation to antibiotic resistance, microbiology, molecular biology, and infectious diseases.

    • How long should my post be?

      Please keep posts in the range of 500 to 1,000 words.  If you feel that your topic is too big for this word count, we can discuss creating a series of posts on your topic.

    • May I submit images with my post? What are the image requirements?

      Yes, you may include images with your post.  All images should be in .jpg or .png format, and be at least 600 px wide.

    • What information do I need to include with my post?

      Please include your full name, credentials, place(s) of employment, a short bio, and a photograph of you.  That information will be used in conjunction with your post to give you authorship credit.  Please make sure that the photo you submit is at least 200 px wide.

    • Should I send you the full text of the post, or an abstract on the topic I’d like to cover?

      You may submit either an abstract or the full draft text of your post.  Please make sure to include all citations if you choose to send us the full text.  If you opt to send us an abstract, please make a compelling case for the value of the post to our audience.  Submissions must be original and cannot have been previously published elsewhere.

    • What file format should I use for my post?

      Please send us your post as a Microsoft Word document.

    • How do I submit my draft or abstract?

      Please send an email to with the subject, “Blog Post Submission”. We will reply with further information if we are interested in publishing your post.

    • If published, should I share my post on social media?

      Yes!  We strongly encourage you to share your post on any and all social media channels that you use.