“On the Frontlines” Webinar Series, November 19 – Sepsis vs. Stewardship: Are They Compatible?

By Katie Sandlin, Associate Product Manager, Microbiology IT Solutions and Margaret Moriarty, Product Manager, Blood Culture

In the third and final installment of bioMérieux’s 2020 On the Frontlines webinar series, Ed Septimus, MD, FACP, FIDSA, FSHEA, will explore the current landscape of sepsis in the U.S., address the changing definitions of sepsis and what they mean for healthcare practitioners, and discuss the role that antimicrobial therapy plays in treating sepsis.

This webinar will provide an overview of the incidence of sepsis in the U.S. and discuss conditions that can mimic sepsis, as well as define the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services “SEP-1” core measure and its impact on healthcare facilities across the country. Additionally, Dr. Septimus will discuss the potential benefits and harms of antibiotics, as well as the value of antimicrobial stewardship when it comes to improving outcomes of patients suffering from sepsis. His recently published article, Sepsis Perspective 2020, in the Journal of Infectious Diseases offers an introduction to the importance of these issues, which will be discussed in greater detail in this webinar.

Administering antimicrobial therapy is essential for treating the underlying infections that cause sepsis, but the protocols for doing so can, at times, clash with antimicrobial stewardship guidelines. Dr. Septimus will explain how to successfully balance this relationship and discuss the way forward for optimal sepsis management and improved antimicrobial stewardship. Now more than ever, effective collaboration across hospital systems and healthcare functions is of the utmost importance to help manage antimicrobial resistance amidst the pandemic.

The On the Frontlines webinar series was created specifically for antimicrobial stewardship teams, bringing together laboratorians and clinicians to share best practices for optimizing diagnostic data and technology with the goal of preserving antibiotics for future generations. The last webinar in this year’s series, “Sepsis vs. Stewardship: Are They Compatible?” will take place on November 19 at 1 PM ET. To register for the webinar, click the button below!


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