The Cost of Antibiotic Resistance in Lives and Dollars

By the bioMérieux Connection Editors

By 2050, more than 10 million people could die each year from antibiotic-resistant infections. To put that number in context, cancer claims the lives of about 8.2 million people per year. Many of us know at least one person who has lost their battle with cancer—imagine how many of us would know someone who will lose a battle with an untreatable infection.

In addition to the loss of loved ones, antibiotic resistance will also cause significant damage to the world economy if nothing is done to stop it. To better understand the impacts of antibiotic resistance, read on:

This doesn’t have to be our future, though. If we work together to fight antibiotic resistance, we can reduce the impact it could otherwise have on society and our loved ones. Part of the fight is raising awareness so that more people know about and understand antibiotic resistance, so be sure to share this with your family, friends and colleagues:

Click Here to Download a PDF Copy of the Cost of Antibiotic Resistance Infographic

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