British Health Officials Warn of Record High Incidence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including Resistant Strains

by the bioMérieux Connection Editors One hard-to-diagnose pathogen linked to female infertility Public health officials in the UK warned the public of exceptionally high incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, including drug resistant infections. On June 5th, Public Health England (PHE) issued a warning about “a considerable growth in new diagnosis of gonorrhea and syphilis in …

Severe Influenza Season of 2017-2018 is a Somber Reminder of Why Flu is One of the World’s Greatest Public Health Challenges, according to CDC

As of January 27, the CDC reports 16 additional pediatric deaths related to the flu, which brings the total number of pediatric deaths to 53 for the 2017-18 season. Since the flu season typically lasts until March and can go as late as May, it is expected that this number will continue to climb.