What You Should Know About Candida auris, an Emerging Pathogen That Can Be Very Difficult to Treat

C. auris infections have become increasingly common, and they are more frequently resistant to antifungal drugs doctors use to treat them. Scientists have been attempting to determine the origin of C. auris, but it has been difficult because the pathogen seems to have appeared in several places around the world simultaneously.

bioMérieux Partners in Ambitious Initiative to Promote the Value of Innovative Diagnostic Tests in Battling Antibiotic Resistance

By the bioMérieux Connection Editors The University of Antwerp has announced the creation of an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) called VALUE-Dx, in partnership with bioMérieux and Wellcome Trust. According to the University of Antwerp, “The purpose of VALUE-Dx is to transform medical practice to achieve more personalized, evidence-based antibiotic prescription and use in community care …